Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Friday, 4 April 2014

Preorder spree!

Hi guys!!! I'm opening a preorder @ for pieces I personally love. I'm doing this because I'm quite free now & I need $$$ to fund my 21st birthday party + I gotta buy tons of 21st birthday gifts for my friends this year too & I simply just don't have enough money to do so. *cries*

There's tons of Topshop, Zara & StyleNanda inspired pieces and I've also included bags & shoes. They all mostly have more than one colour so there's plenty of options for you! Here's a preview:

Lace trim skirt
Peplum dress (Pink, black)
Patent boots (black, oxblood)
Mesh midi skirt (black, cream)
Mesh embroidered dress
Luxe midi skirt (8 colours)
Furry knit sweater (4 colours)
My favourites are the Luxe Midi Skirt & Mesh Embroidered Dress! They're so pretty I swear. Buy something, maybe?

Thank you!!!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

SEA Aquarium.

Off to the SEA Aquarium! The weather was so good, the sky was a brilliant blue. Was especially excited to see the jellyfishes!!! So happy the BF's finally bringing me to see them. (: 

Sneakers - Converse, Neoprene skater skirt - Oopskooky, White crop top - Topshop, Necklace - H & M 

Shipwreck exhibition leading to the SEA Aquarium. So nicely decorated! Don't think it's open to the public yet though. 

4. Lace pipe fish 

The place's really well designed & everywhere is so beautiful! Each tank is different and every sea creature's so intriguing! The lace pipe fish piqued my interest the most - it looks like tree leaves floating in the water but they're actually tiny fishes that swim with their heads down, so cool!!! They really look like tree leaves, I'd never thought they're fishes! 

Schooling fishes, nautilus (the snail-like shell thingy), jellyfishes & MORE JELLYFISHES! So pretty. ^.^ They had different colour lights shining on them constantly, so amazing I can watch them change colour forever. They don't have purple lights, I edited the hue of the pink jellyfishes to purple using photoshop, heh heh. Purple's way prettier c'mon!!!

The blue lighting in every photo annoys me to hell but we really can't help it. It's a fantastic place to be in but a super bad place to camwhore... Tried with flash & it was worst. We forgot to charge our cameras so we had to make do with our iPhones. The quality is so bad argh. 

Chilling outside after the exhibition, deliberating on where to go for dinner. 

Hate it that every weekends' so short. Most of the time, we only have one full day on Saturday to head out because Sunday's book in day. When we're lucky, sometimes Monday. Although I'm not the one booking in, the book in blues hits me equally hard... It's really depressing. We don't get to talk much when he's in camp & it's just so different from last time when we used to see each other 24/7 or as and when we like it. 

To make our weekends fulfilling, we have to head out/do something even when we're kinda tired/lazy sometimes. We no longer have the luxury of choosing when to head out. The weekends are so precious, if we spend it bumming around, it feels kinda wasted. Not to mention, Bernard's perpetually tired during the weekends as well after a week's of training. 

Everything's just not the same anymore. ): I know we'll get through these difficult times somehow but it still sucks sometimes.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Ad - DreamJagers.

Ever find yourselves scratching your heads while looking at chunks & chunks of html code, not knowing what to do with them? Having problems with banner/logo designs because you don't know how to use the softwares? 

Well, let's face it. We all want our websites to look good & appealing, but most of the time we juggle with the pains of not knowing how to edit our web's html codes & being really frustrated & helpless thereafter. 

Fret not! We now have a team of professional graphic designers to help us with it! 

DreamJagers is a Singapore based design company newly established in 2013. They are a group of freelancers that specialises in -
  • Web Design
  • Logo/Banner Design
  • Graphic Design 

Here is their Web Design package:
  • 1 year domain of your own choice and web hosting from Vodien 
  • Programmed with HTML, PHP, CSS (Wordpress CMS)
  • 5GB hosting storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth transfer
  • Various themes/templates to choose from 
  • 1 month consultation after delivery of website
  • Fundamental On Page SEO & meta description done
  • 1 personalized banner and 1 personalized logo designed with royalty photos for your website [Price included in package]
  • 24/7 consultation service available within 1 month after delivery of website
**Meet-ups FOC prior to launch of website. 

GOOD NEWS! They're now having a 10% promotion off any service you choose to hire them for! So hurry down to their FB page here for more information. Alternatively, you can contact Kayzel at +65 84985440/

Monday, 17 March 2014


In Orange sauce
In Mushroom sauce
Had dinner at Poulet with the BF yesterday. We happened to walk by the restaurant in Vivo after shopping & decided to just have our dinner there in a whim & the food were so good, omg. One of the best places I've ever tried since I started cafe hopping. Some of the cafe food that I specially go down for is so meh... But I was pleasantly surprised by Poulet. (:

The meat was so tender & soft, it literally melts in your mouth... + the sauce, it's divine. *tears* I prefer my mushroom sauce over the BF's orange sauce which was a mix of cranberry & mustard. Creamy & thick - so yummy! But it can get quite sick after awhile. 

Truffle mash!!! Been wanting to try this again after I first tried it in BKK. The fusion of truffle with potatoes' just genius, must try! (Y)

The food's really affordable ranging from $13 - $17. Pretty worth it for such good food in my opinion!

Singapore 098585
Tel: (+65) 6376 9087

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Valentine's Day.

Backlog on V'day:

A simple celebration with the BF this year - lunch at Timbre & clubbing at night with our friends. (: Every V'day, we're plagued with so much stress... Last year, V'day clashed with our final exams & this year, the BF had to work real hard in the army just so he'll be out during the weekends to celebrate it with me. 

I really loved the personalised macaroons he got from Shiberty! (: A pity I dropped it the moment he gave it to me... He was so upset. (I'm sorry ):) And thank you for never failing to buy me roses on V'day & our anniversaries, I love you so much in all ways always, not just on these special days, but on every other day of my life. <3 

I miss this army boy so much, it's been more than a week since we last spoke. Hurry home, my love!!!! ): 

"Cause all of me, 
Loves all of you, 
All your curves & all your edges, 
All your perfect imperfections~"

Monday, 3 March 2014

Neko no Niwa Cat Cafe.

Finally had the chance to visit the Cat Cafe at Boat Quay last weekend with the BF! ^.^ Been wanting to check the cafe out cos I haven't been to this sorta cafe before so I was really excited! We actually went to the cafe the week before Valentine's Day but we didn't know we had to make reservation before coming so we had to head home feeling really dejected... ): The cafe's so packed, they're fully booked 2 weeks in advance! So do make a reservation before going lest you'll be disappointed as I was. 

I love this super hyper ginger tabby cat, Kai Kai, it keeps jumping around like a bundle of joy!

A handbook to get you started - profiles of all the cafe cat & rules of the cafe. 


A brief video of the cafe - very grainy & blur cos I grabbed it from my Instagram. >.< I think the downside of the cafe is that there's too many people. They do limit the number of people allowed in the cafe but I feel like it's still too crowded. And there are like "cat hoggers" who'll stick to a cat the whole time & it makes it so hard & awkward to approach them to wanna play with "their" cat... ): 

Tried some of the food on their menu... Very normal food. They only have small bites so don't go there if you're thinking of having a proper meal. 

Sleepy kitty~ 
Most of the cats were sleeping when we were there... And boy they nap a lot!!!

"Oh, don't bother me~"
Dramatic lil kitty, hahaha.

So cuteeeeeeee~ (': I can't believe they used to be stray cats! 

Hello Little Miss Muppet~~~ 

Her fur is so smooth & she's so ladylike!!! Super quiet & tame. I like. 

I wish I could be as worry free as these cats too, sigh, school... )': 

Introducing my favourite cat of all...

DEMI~!!! She has this really unique coat of fur that reminds me of a zebra X leopard. She's sucha cutie omg. ^^^ the first picture!!!!! *squeals*

What chu looking at Demi? There's no birds today. 
How about you play with this birdie instead??? *Looking like a creepy old lady*
Have never really been into cats but I think imma convert now. I've always thought stray cats looked very scary/unapproachable and dirty but actually with proper grooming, they can look really cute too! I would have never thought these felines were from the streets! 

More info of the Cat Cafe here