Thursday, 17 July 2014


So I'm finally gonna blog about my 21st birthday party (yay)! Turning 21's a huge deal for me & I've been envisioning my party since like forever. I took tons of effort & time preparing for everything – sourcing for a baker, finding the perfect location, ordering the food and DIY-ing my own props! The entire process took about 1.5 to 2 months & it is a very tiring cum frustrating process I'd would say, especially if you're a worrywart/perfectionist/OCD-freak like me. 

So what went down on the actual day still remains as a blur to me... Everything happened so quickly & the next thing I knew was I had to rush the cake ceremony within 15 minutes because I was running out of time & the staff personnel was standing outside the function room, fuming & hastening me to leave – not a good feeling. 

I was so busy that I kinda feel guilty towards some of my group of friends whom I sort of neglected – my Raffles classmates, Junwei & his GF, Sophie, Huimin & Gab, the BFS crew, SAMEJKM, Jovelle & Claire, the SJI gang and my family! ): I didn't have enough time to keep everyone sufficiently entertained & I was just super worried that everyone's bored etc... And I didn't managed to take photos with everyone too. So my party was kinda a fail in my opinion. I was just so overwhelmed!!! Don't think I'll ever host a party with that many guests ever again in my life. It's honestly too much to handle & I kinda overestimated myself. 

| Location: SPGG |

SPGG function room with cluster style table layout. 

Estimated capacity: 40 pax
Room rental: $500 excluding food

Downside: I found the tables too big & it took up a lot of space. Thus, I didn't have enough space for my photobooth area. SPGG offers a few types of table layout – classroom, banquet, cluster etc... And also, if you're thinking of ordering food for the party, you're only allowed to order from SPGG themselves. However, they do offer a pretty decent menu.

(I don't have any photos of the food from that day at all because I forgot to take them.)

| Cake & Dessert table: The Cake Issue |

Cake & desserts lovingly baked & put up by The Cake Issue. I generally had good reviews about the brownies, lemon meringue tarts & crumble shots – which were my personal favourites as well. I loved the crumble shots so much I couldn't stop feasting on them even at home after the party! 

I absolutely adored the set up too, especially how every dessert name card & cupcake had my name/initial on it... I really love details like this. (;

Dessert table: $890
Cake: $300~ 

| Decors |

All of my decors (besides the balloons) are handmade. It took me super long to do them but it was worth it. I got the tutorials off the net and they're super easy to make! – 

You can get these crepe papers from either Art Friend/Spotlight, they don't cost much at all. 

I bought nail polishes for my guests to paint on as the theme was punk rock, but no one was sporting enough to do so – except my BF. I also bought light stick headgears for photoshoot purposes but it was completely ignored and untouched throughout the party – fail. 

I also made cards using photoshop for my guests to fill in for my birthday scrapbook. I adopted this idea from one of my friend's party & thought it was pretty cool & different from the usual filling in of birthday wishes. However, the feedback I got from my friends were that it was too hard to fill in as they don't know what to write. ): I suggest simplifying the sentences if you'll like to use this idea as well. Some of the cards were left blank halfway, it was so horrible! 

Other visuals: 

More photos can be found here on Facebook. 

A HUGE thank you to those who came down earlier to help me decorate the place – especially my BF's parents who helped put up the pom poms, the BF for shipping those huge ass balloons that filled up the entire backseat of the car and driving without the use of the rearview mirror as well as Klinton for loaning me the polaroid printer. Lastly, thank you everyone for coming down! I hope to catch up with each and everyone of you all soon. (: 


Recently, I've been really blessed & being a believer of "The Secret" and how it works, I feel obliged to pen my thoughts down. Doors of opportunities/collaborations are opening & I am ever so thankful... Every single time I receive an email – regardless whether it is concerning a collaboration or an enquiry if I'm selling my preloved items/on where I get them, it'll bring a smile to my face. Please do not think I'm bragging because it is no big deal – it really isn't. It's not like I get an email everyday... I don't. But I do get them sometimes, and it makes me happy to know that people are actually interested in my stuff but it doesn't fuel my ego. I know I still have a lot of things to work on. 

My readership for this small space has also doubled this month and hence, I wanna thank YOU who's being reading this humble space of mine – be it old/new readers, I wanna let you guys know that I really do appreciate your effort in coming down to this dot-com of mine and reading all these stuff that I've been posting. (: 

In future, I hope to keep my blog fresh with updates every now & then. I promise not to neglect it. I'll take the chance to update more this month because my school term with Lasalle is gonna be beginning really soon in August & I've also recently gotten a new part-time job with Vainpot Boutique at Haji lane. Come say hello if you wish to! 

Tomorrow I'll be having my very first official meeting for a collaboration & I'm pretty excited! I'm all for new experiences and of late, I've just been blessed beyond words. Xx. 

"Ask. Believe. Receive."

Monday, 14 July 2014


Blue jumpsuit from Soeurs | White heels & bugs earrings from Shopcertifiedlove, email me for more info | White sling bag from Charles & Keith 

Last weekend saw me at the Three Blind Mice Flea at Triple One Somerset. I was part of their #ootd section together with 11 other instagrammers whereby we're able to put up our preloved items for sale – am still super thankful to be selected, thank you TBM! There were so many shops & a massive crowd, I think I probably bought more stuff than I sold (ops). 

Attended Mel's 21st at Orchard Hotel later at night & spent my time with the BF & Luke drinking booze till 4am after the party. We even had a mini rooftop escapade at Luke's where we just sat & chatted... I love spontaneous stuff like this, it keeps things interesting & unexpected. How did you spend your weekend? Xx.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Pince & Pints
32-33 Duxton Rd 
5 - 11pm from Monday to Saturday

Paid Pince & Pints a visit on their first day of opening on Monday with the BF after our trip to the Trick Eye Museum. I'm a h u g e lobster fan & was really excited to try this new restaurant out! Their menu consists of only 3 dishes – the lobster roll, a full lobster (grilled/steamed) & lobster in traditional chilli crab sauce served with man-tous! Each dish's priced at $48. 

My personal favourite... The lobster roll. Loved how generous they were with the lobster chunks & how buttery & fragrant the bun was! I especially loved the garlic aioli sauce that was served with the dish too. Really wouldn't mind having them rolls more often if my pockets can sustain paying that much. Really yummy though, no regrets. 

Saturday, 5 July 2014


Top, skorts & holographic sliders from Three Blind Mice Flea | Necklace from Topshop | Lady Sheffield in rose gold from Daniel Wellington | Silver bracelet from Sensibar_sg 

Oppa Korean BBQ

Finally had my Korean BBQ craving fixed 2 weeks back with Val! If you're a huge fan of Korean reality programmes like I do (sorry, they're my guilty pleasure), you'll know that Koreans are super huge on Korean BBQ/meat. I was watching "Return of Supermen 2" the other day & I couldn't stop fantasising about Korean BBQ! There's something about the way Koreans eat that makes me really hungry just by looking at them. I don't know if this only happens to me but whenever I see them eat so well, I unknowingly get hungry & crave for that particular food that they're eating – especially ramen, Korean BBQ & jajangmyeon! 

So anyway, Val brought me to this particular Korean BBQ buffet restaurant all the way in the west, and I wasn't disappointed at all! I loveeee their pork belly, topokki, fried sweet potato and rice wine! The rice wine's super good we couldn't stop raving about it while drinking. We even contemplated going to a Korean Mart to get more after our meal. There's also complimentary Korean melon ice cream after you foot the bill. 

It was a really good meal. (: Can't wait to try Yoogane with the BF next!